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1. Hover Me (animated-button): This button features a subtle animation when hovered over, adding a touch of interactivity.

2. Hover Me (color-changing-button): When hovered over, this button smoothly transitions its background color to create a color-changing effect.

3. Hover Me (morphing-button): This button morphs its shape when hovered, changing from a square to a circular shape.

4. Hover Me (pulsating-button): The button pulsates or throbs when hovered, drawing attention with a rhythmic animation.

5. Hover Me (moving-button): When hovered, this button moves horizontally, creating a dynamic visual effect.

6. Hover Me (gradient-hover-button): This button exhibits a gradient transition effect when hovered, smoothly changing its color.

7. Hover Me (spin-pulse-button): It combines spinning and pulsing animations when hovered, resulting in a visually engaging effect.

8. Hover Me (neon-glow-button): This button has a neon glow animation on hover, adding a vibrant and attention-grabbing effect.

9. Click Me (spin-button): When clicked, this button spins 360 degrees, creating a playful animation.

10. Click Me (expandable-button): This button expands and contracts when clicked, adding an interactive element.

11. Click Me (bounce-button): Upon clicking, this button bounces briefly, offering a fun and engaging interaction.

12. Click Me (shaking-button): When clicked, this button shakes left and right for a playful effect.

13. Click Me (random-color-button): This button changes its background and text colors randomly when clicked, providing a dynamic and colorful experience.

Technologies Used For All Projects

  • Front-End - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap
  • Back-End - PHP
  • Database - MySQL

Application Required For All Projects

  • Code Editor : Notepad / VS Code / Sublime Text
  • Browser : Chrome / FireFox / Microsoft Edge / Apple Safari
  • Server : XAMPP / WAMP / MAMP / LAMP

All Projects Features

  • Well documented codes
  • Fully Responsive
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Magnific Popup
  • Animated Effect
  • Free Updates

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